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Welcome to Gnosis Atlanta

Welcome to the Gnostic Association of Atlanta, an institution that disseminates the ¨Initiatic Gnostic Spirit¨ that has always inspired the seekers of the Truth.

The Initiatic Gnostic Spirit was given to humanity by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor through all his works and especially synthesized in his book ¨The Three Mountains¨ in which he shows us the path to follow to achieve this Initiation from its departure to its final destination.

Since the Iniciatic path is ones life itself, but wisely experienced with awakened Consciousness, the Gnostic Association of Atlanta teaches its members an integral knowledge which together with physical-spiritual exercises are necessary to reach the Awakening and development of inner Consciousness. 

When this Conscience awakens, it activates an instinctive capacity in human beings for understanding of the Cosmic Truths: ¨Seek the Truth and it will set you free¨ say the Gospels. Truth is knowledge that enlightens and therefore overcomes ignorance. For whoever experiences the Truth for himself, it is this knowledge that we call Auto-Gnosis or knowledge of yourself or the Self.

GNOSIS is a Greek word that means knowledge, the Greeks had this as their maxim in the foyer of their temples: ¨NOSCETE IPSUM¨, know yourself and you´ll know the Universe and the Gods. 

The Gnostic Association of Atlanta is an institution under the umbrella of the International Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor,